Volskaya giant Mech

Here is something I did for the Volskaya map in Heroes of the Storm "Volskaya Foundry". This is my take on the giant iconic Mech and a fun challenge for me since I never do any hard surface. I tried to make it read for heroes and stay kinda stylized/clean.

I actually used Zbrush to model everything, blockout every shape and then used 3dcoat and max to retopo and clean up. If you are interested in seeing breakdowns of the Zbrush I can add them.

Michael vicente orb mech pre01
Michael vicente orb mech pre02
Michael vicente orb mech pre04
Michael vicente orb mech pre03
Michael vicente orb breakdown mech
Michael vicente orb breakdown mech02

I also created a custom scratch preset on ddo2 to get something kinda simple and stylized, but fast as well.

We can also see them on the recent Viper Ascendant trailer for heroes.